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"I will use my business, teaching, training and, health & wellness experience to further improve our school district 204."
Mental Health

Work to improve mental, social, and emotional health of our children. As a health and wellness expert, I plan to support and advocate for SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) programs to help students become resilient and future ready.

Fiscal Responsibility

Work within the financial constraints of the district, and find efficiencies within budget to better utilize our available resources.

Student Achievement

Focus on student achievement, keeping in mind the variety of gifts and talents the students have. Work hard to extend community resources to the students in district 204.


Improve community cohesiveness by strengthening communication among students, parents, educators and all stakeholders in the district.


Ensure that we are allocating resources to our students in a strategic and equitable fashion, and inspire ALL students to achieve their greatest potential.

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