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Delivering Results for Our Community

Saba is an independent business owner, a wife and a mother to a 12 and an 8-year-old. Both her children go to IPSD 204. She has been a Naperville-Aurora area resident for 13 years. She has received abundantly from the community over the last several years, and now wants to give back and serve. 


Professional Experience:

  • Independent business owner 

  • Health and Wellness expert

  • Trains people to become health and wellness teachers

Community Service:

  • Volunteer and fundraiser for over a decade with PTA, Schools, children with disabilities through Variety the Children’s Charity of IL, Girl Scouts, Food Insecure Children in our Schools, Advanced Educational and Financial support for children in need, etc.

  • Community organizer helping people from diverse backgrounds - socially, culturally and economically. ​

  • Experience in Education – Family Owns and Operates a School for Underprivileged Youth


She has built strong relations with local community leaders, business owners, various organizations and diverse groups of people. She is passionate about bringing people together and building a strong and connected community. She believes that when we work together as contributing members, we all thrive and grow as a part of a safe, welcoming and diverse community.