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Saba Haider for DuPage County Board Member

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Saba Haider for DuPage County Board Member

Saba Haider

"I am passionate about serving, and will work for YOU on the board to Move DuPage Forward in a safe, sustainable and sensible direction." 


About Saba

Saba Haider, with a decade in health and wellness and extensive community service, advocates for mental health, economic growth, and environmental sustainability in DuPage County. Her background and dedication aim to unite and propel the community forward, embodying values of education, hard work, and service.


"In response to the profound mental health impacts of the COVID pandemic and the surge in challenges among children, young adults, and seniors, I advocate for prioritizing funding for comprehensive mental, social, and safety services to ensure our community's physical, emotional, and mental well-being."


"As a small business owner who has navigated significant challenges, I am committed to ensuring efficient use of tax dollars for economic sustainability and development in District 5, aiming to support and grow our business community for a vibrant and prosperous DuPage."


"At a pivotal moment for DuPage County, I advocate for a "Future Ready" plan focusing on sustainable development and greener practices, aiming to secure our children's future without additional taxpayer burden, and offering economic growth opportunities through collaborative community and educational initiatives."

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