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I am passionate about serving, and will work for YOU on the board to Move DuPage Forward in a safe, sustainable and sensible direction. 
-Saba Haider

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Our sense of security comes from not only feeling physically safe, but also feeling emotionally and mentally safe. It is crucial that we fund critical mental health, social and safety services that keep our community thriving. I am a firm believer that mental health services should be at the center of our focus right now. The mental health impacts of the COVID pandemic were catastrophic. The effects of isolation, fear, sickness and loss are profound. We went through this collective trauma that needs to be addressed.


Concrete steps need to be taken to make sure that we are all doing well emotionally and mentally, as well as physically. There is a sudden spike in mental health challenges among kids and young adults. More than two years of their childhood – which should have been full of fun, adventure and learning - were drastically changed. We need to pay attention to them, particularly to those who may not have access to quality health care services. Racial, social and economic inequities are real challenges and we do not want them to slip through the cracks. We also need to pay extra attention to our senior population which was at high risk and suffered the most due to isolation and sickness.


We have to ensure that our tax dollars are spent efficiently. The most important issue facing District 5 is economic sustainability and development. Small businesses have suffered in the last few years. I am a small business owner and I have personally experienced tremendous challenges. I have worked hard to keep my business thriving. I understand that it requires a lot of adaptability and creativity to sustain a business in this day and age.


We need all the support we can get. A thriving business community will also provide ample employment opportunities to DuPage. We need to continue to promote business development in the county and entice companies to relocate closer to our skilled workforce in DuPage. I can help move DuPage forward toward a strong, vibrant and economically thriving future.


Protect our environment and build resilient infrastructure. The single most important service lacking in the county is a comprehensive “Future Ready” plan to move towards a more sustainable and greener DuPage County. We are at a crossroads right now. We have to decide if we are going to ignore the possible dire future of our children. Or, we can be foresighted and take action NOW. Once the vision is aligned with this green future, we can work to provide economic opportunities to local businesses, engineers, laborers, educators, and many more.


It will be crucial to focus on the educational aspect of the “Future Ready” plan to make this a collaborative community initiative. Long-term planning should not cost additional taxpayer dollars; this is the type of work that our elected officials – especially County Board Members – have a duty and responsibility to engage in. Long term planning should result in cost-savings as we explore and request state and federal dollars to help become a greener government and a greener economy in DuPage County.

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